Real leather and artificial leather may look to be the same, but there are huge differences between them. First of all there is no such thing as “artificial” leather. Anything is not a genuine leather is no leather at all.

Real leather products are made from animal leather hides and have a natural elegance, appeal, feel and naturalistic texture. On the other hand, artificial leather or faux leather or imitation leather are made up of PU (Polyurethane) or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).


How to Spot Fake Leather

Despite the advancements in technology, there are some qualities of a genuine leather that cannot be copied perfectly. At least not all of them. Here are some tips and tests that can save you from getting tricked into buying fake lather in the name of genuine one.


1. The Water Drop Test

If you put a drop of water on the genuine leather, it will absorb it within seconds. It goes in the pores and puff! But the fake leather, it will just make puddle over there and make a mess. Since it is fake, it doesn’t have the quality of absorbing water and thus, very easy to tell the difference.

Although people are good at copying, this is something you can’t really achieve. It’s a natural feature of leather.


2. Surface

The surface of a real or genuine leather is really different from the fake one. But you will not realize that until you look closely. Remember, the real leather is made out of animal skin so the pattern on it will always be different. It will have cracks and patches which is ironically a good thing when it comes to a real leather.

But the fake ones will try to have this but will end up having a proper pattern of those cracks and everything which obviously feels like made up.


3. Smell

The smell of a genuine leather is musty and well, of a skin. But obviously, the faux leather will smell like plastic. If you don’t know the difference between these smells, I suggest you go to a good showroom where they do sell real leather and smell the damn thing. And then check out a synthetic leather and smell it too.

The smell of real leather cannot be replicated and it may help if you know how real leather smells.


4. Bending

Now bending the leather is fun. When you bend a genuine leather, it goes on to change a little color because of that stretched out skin. But the fake leather is well, difficult to bend in the first place and neither will it change the color a little nor will it stretch out.

However, don’t try this when you’re buying the leather as it may damage the fake leather and you might end up paying for that cheap item.


5. Wrinkling

Pinching or pressing will give small wrinkles to the surface if it is real leather but if it is a faux leather, the surface is bound to stay intact.


6. Prices

Genuine Leather is always way more expensive than the faux leather. So, if you think the seller is really nice when he offers you a leather product in really cheap price, you are not actually buying the Leather. Beware always.


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