The belt is considered as one of the key part of your dressing that would reflect your style sense. Most people do not give a thought while choosing the belt for their attire and they end up going out in a mismatched style that draws a lot of eyes for all the wrong reasons.

To help you get the right kind of belt everytime, we have compiled this simple guide for all the men out there.


How to Pick a Belt

Belts are something that you don’t need to spend a fortune as you can just have a few choices and you’re good to for any occasion. All you need to do is to follow these simple rules while picking a belt.


Leather is the One

No material can beat the level of class that leather brings to the belts. A belt made of genuine leather with a decent buckle is what you should always look for. Be it a formal wear or a casual wear, a leather belt always saves the day.


Look at Your Feet

Everyone knows that the accessories you wear must match in order to look great. While picking a belt, choose the color as your shoes that you wear quite often.

Wearing a matching shoes and belt will speak itself about your fashion sense. So, always try wearing the same colored belt and shoes for any occasion or event.


Height Matters

The height of the belt must always be in between one and one & a half inches, unless you are going for the skinny belt style. Belts with this much height will go with almost any trousers style. Avoid going for too wide belts. You ain’t Batman!


Match Your Metals

If you are wearing a watch or cufflinks, try matching the metal with your belt buckle.


Alternate Fabric/Material

Better have some belts made of cotton or woven fabric, other than the leather ones. These belts would offer a casual spin to your summer outfits.


Perfect Size

Most of us don’t know that the best size of a belt is when the tip of the belt stops halfway between the first and second belt loop of the trousers.

Also, when you buy a belt, you mostly find the size in inches. This number reflects the measurement from the buckle of the belt to the mid hole of the strap where it’s supposed to be fastened.


Up Your Style Game

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