Wallets are one of the main accessories or items that you never leave your home without. Every man needs a wallet but not every man knows how to manage a wallet so it won’t look too bulgy in your pocket. An overstuffed wallet simply ruins your entire dressing.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to keep your wallet slim that can easily fit in your pocket.


Most Common Mistake

Wallets are not supposed to be filled till the point it can no longer hold any more item. Most people tend to stuff about anything in their wallets including old receipts and unnecessary cards.



> A thick wallet makes a bad looking bulge in your clothes that look way too bad.

It will also create some faded creases on your clothes if you keep the same thick wallet every day. This will become the part of your trousers, thus ruining it forever in no time.

If you keep a heavy wallet in one side of your jacket/coat, it will make it pushed down and your jacket and coat will look uneven and so will be your shoulders.

Pulling out an overstuffed wallet in public or in a meeting will definitely leave a bad impression of your overall personality.


What a Man Should Carry in His Wallet



Always keep some cash in your wallet no matter how many credit/debit cards you have. It can come real handy to tip a waiter or pay the taxi fare or when buying something really cheap and you want to get done fast.


Credit/Debit Cards

A set of one credit card and one debit card should be more than enough for your wallet and for your daily financial needs.


ID Card

An ID card must always be present in your wallet, no matter what. You never know when you need it. Its your identity afterall and can save you from unforeseen hassles.


Discount & Loyalty Cards

If you’re a frequent buyer or on every visit to a mall, you always end up buying anything, you definitely have a number of discount or loyalty cards. Keep only those cards in your wallet that you use mostly. Rest you can take with you when its needed.


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