Ever heard about the different dress codes for men? On a normal day, you can wear anything you like, but for an occasion or an event, it’s essential that you follow the proper dress code as per the requirements.

Most of us do know the terms like formal, semi-formal and smart casual wear but not many people know how exactly these styles can be pulled off. Let’s learn about each style and how to make a lasting impression by nailing each style.


Formal Wear for Men

Formal usually means conservative. Strictly speaking, formal is everything that is required by protocol. Traditionally, formal wear is anything between a tuxedo and a suit. They are usually mono colored. That means they comprise a single colour, usually full white or black suit/ tuxedo.

Usually, when the formal dress code is required to be followed in an event, all must look dapper in the similar style as the event must be a very formal one.


Semi-Formal Wear

As the name suggests, semi-formal wears are almost like formals, with the only difference of more room for colors and patterns. Semi-formal implies wearing formal clothes that you can chose, i.e you decide if you want to wear a red tie with a blue shirt or a grey tie with a white shirt.

You can experiment a lot when it comes to semi-formal, unlike formal outfit where you are restricted to a specific format of clothing. Semi-formal wears are ideal for events like dinner parties and exhibitions. Many feel more comfortable in semi- formal as it gives more room for colors and experiments.


Smart Casual Wear

Dressing “smart casual” should be neat and clean, but relaxed.  A smart casual dress code does not require formal business attire like suits. Instead, it allows for more relaxed individual styles that are appropriate for the business environment, such as sports jackets, sweaters and dresses.

A smart casual dress code would include collared shirts without a tie (example: golf shirts or button down Oxford), a blazer if going to the club (no suit coats), khakis or simple dress pants in a cotton blend and shoes (not sneakers).  

Some people argue that the jeans, t-shirts (even if clean or new) or sneakers are NOT considered as part of a “smart casual” outfit and should be avoided. However, jeans are the most casual wear and you can wear them as part of smart casual outfit.


Never Confuse the Dress Codes

Since, it is now clarified that which dress reflects which kind of dress code, we now expect that you won’t be committing the same mistake again and would dress appropriately for any event or occasion. It’s time to show people that you do know your style. Cheers..!