When it comes to men’s fashion or style, there are always some rules that most men tend to overlook. While dressing up, one must be aware of some do’s and don’ts of men’s fashion. Let’s have a look at some dressing and style rules you should always keep in mind.


Do’s of Men’s Fashion

Match Your Belts with Shoes

Make sure that the color of your belt must always match with your shoes. A mismatched belt and shoes will make you look a man with no basic sense of styling.


Own a Tailored Suit

People prefer buying ready-made suits but a man must own at least one tailored suit. You will surely feel the difference when you wear it as it enhances your look.


Wear Clothes that Fit

Remember that clothes with good fitting don’t mean they have to be tight. Clothes will look good on you if they have good fitting as your body.


Wear a Decent Watch

A smart and decent watch on the wrist is always a big YES. Watches look great on a man’s hand as long as it’s classy and it goes with your dress.


Don’ts of Men’s Fashion

Socks with Sandals

Never ever wear socks with sandals. I repeat, Never.. It looks way too disgusting when a man wears socks with sandals.


Jacket Pockets

Avoid stuffing your jacket/blazer pockets with anything like keys or cellphone. It looks bulgy and kills the clean-cut line of the suit.


Dry Cleaning Your Suit

Don’t get your suit dry cleaned after every time you wear. Send it for dry cleaning only when it needs. Frequent dry cleaning would damage your suit and its life will reduce.


Shirt Collar Over the Jacket

Unless you do not belong to any 80’s gangs, make sure your shirt collar is tucked inside your suit jacket/blazer.


Untucked Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are long and especially designed to be tucked in because dress shirts are not meant to be untucked.  Always tuck in your dress shirt while dressing up.


Short or Long Tie’s Length

Most of the people either wear a tie with tip crossing down the belt’s buckle or the tip ending way above the belt. The perfect length of a tie is when it’s tip ends in the middle of your belt’s buckle.


Stop Committing Fashion Crime

After reading this article, do take an oath that you will not be committing any of such fashion crimes ever in your life. Else, it will haunt you forever.